The childrenís programs are designed to work on challenging body skills and creative thinking. The classes help increase concentration, self-confidence, self-discipline and improve attention span. The children progress at their own pace and enjoy working in a fun and safe atmosphere with a lot of positive reinforcement. This also assists the children outside of the dojo in making wise and clear decisions at home, school or at play.

These classes are more than just another after-school activity. The skills they learn at the Zanshin Self Defense Academy will help them throughout their life. We separate students into two groups based on age to better target the lessons.

Pee Wee (students from 4-6 years old)

Our Pee Wee program focuses on building the physical and mental skills that all children need to succeed in life. Children are taught age appropriate self-defense skills as well as how & when to use them. Balance and coordination are taught using a series of drills and games that also help build focus and concentration.

Junior (students from 7-12 years old)

Students in this age group have much better focus and concentration allowing for a higher level of intensity. Junior students learn how to deal (mentally and physically) with bullying, peer pressure and other situations that they are likely to encounter. As the students progress, more advanced techniques are introduced.

Martial arts training has been proven to be beneficial to children with ADD, ADHD, and other special needs. If youíre interested in finding out more, please contact us to discuss your situation.